Undoubtedly, the Energy Tablet 8″ Windows LEGO is one of the must have summer products. LEGO exclusive content will offer endless hours of fun for the whole family.

That’s why, don’t forget to put it in your suitcase and take it along with you this summer. It will keep your kids entertained during the holidays, on the journey as well as at the destination.

In order for you to enjoy your Windows tablet to the fullest and have optimum performance from it, we would like to show you some of the most common enquiries about its operation.

1. Is it possible to reset the tablet to factory settings?

Yes. To do that, go to Settings > Update and Security > Reset, then follow the steps. You will need to connect a keyboard through the USB-Host connector included to carry out the process (in the event of choosing the “clean disk” option).

2. My tablet is not responding. What can I do?

The LED indicator next to the front camera should light up to show that the device is charging. Otherwise, we recommend to try another micro-USB charger and let it charge for a long period of at least one hour.

In case the LED battery level indicator is not on yet:
Hold the power button in for about 10 seconds (like this, we cut the power/forced shutdown). When it is off, connect the charger, press repeatedly the power button, then keep it pressed until the Energy Sistem logo or battery icon appear on the screen.

3. How do I boost my WiFi signal?

The WiFi signal level depends mainly on the WiFi router / ADSL WiFi router and its settings, and there are some adjustments you can make for a better coverage.

1) Place the router in a central place on an upper floor or on a shelf, since radio waves expand better horizontally and downwards.

2) Signal reception will be better if there are not thick walls, mirrors, or any other metallic object on its way.

3) Prevent the router or tablet from being close to objects that might cause interference, such as wireless phones, microwaves or halogen lamps.

4) Another advisable measure is to optimize the settings of your router. It is particularly interesting to change the signal default channel (6 usually) to avoid interference with other WiFi routers around. In order to do that, please check the user manual of your router.

5) Finally, depending on the distance, you can install a WiFi signal repeater in places where you want the signal to be strong.

6. I cannot find the Office applications in my computer!

Windows 10 does not include any version of the Office applications. You should subscribe through Microsoft website, where you can obtain a free one month trial version.

7. How can I calibrate the Energy Tablet 8″ Windows display?

There is no need to do so, your Energy Tablet 8″ Windows display calibrates automatically.

8. When I plug a headset into my Energy Tablet 8″ Windows sound is not good.

There are 2 connection standards for audio jack, CTIA and OMTP. If your headset uses OMTP, you will need a special adapter.

We hope we have clarified your doubts with this FAQs list and that you can enjoy from now on all the possibilities the Energy Tablet 8″ Windows LEGO Edition has to offer. Might you need more help or want to send us a question, please contact our Technical Service here.

And if you don’t have your Energy Tablet LEGO yet, you can buy it now: take advantage of 20% discount! Buy it here. See you in the next post!


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